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06.12.2016 Handicraft: Traditional skills in the digital Age, from 14th of December 2016 until 9th of April 2017, Museum für angewandte Kunst, Austria

hs art service austria was allowed to conduct fine art transports for this exhibition.

30.11.2016 Review of the Upper Austrian Provincial Exhibition 2016 - Man and Horse

hs art service austria die not just conduct the fine art shipments but was also part of the exhibition.

21.11.2016 Pichler. Radikal: Architecture & Prototypes. From 26nd November 2016 until 5th of March 2017, Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Austria

hs art service austria was able to conduct the fine art shipment and installation of this extraordinery fragile art works.

15.11.2016 hs art service austria is sponsoring the prize of the Kunsthalle Vienna this year again

The prize of the Kunsthalle Vienna goes to Margit Busch and Andrej Polukord in 2016

10.11.2016 Francis Alÿs. 18th of November 2016 until 22nd Jannuary 2017, Wiener Secession, Austria

hs art service austria conducted fine art shipments for this exhibition.

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