Museum and Exhibition Service

Providing a stage for your artworks
To create the maximum effect, the setting must be right.

Planning and staging exhibitions

  • Technical planning and realisation of exhibition stands according to customer requirements
  • Design and production of exhibition equipment and presentation bays (e.g. partitions, pedestals, display cases, labelling)
  • Handling of national and international exhibition projects as general contractor
  • Controlling, coordination and communication throughout the project lifespan
  • Devising and implementing lighting concepts
  • Museum equipment

Art handling

  • Aesthetic installations and picture hanging
  • Manufacture of presentation aids
  • Setting up art installations, sculptures and heavy pieces
  • Effective lighting of artworks
  • Professional anti-theft and protective measures

Art fairs

  • Developing concepts for art fairs
  • High quality stand construction
  • Special partitions and lighting systems
  • Overall project processing

Rental of exhibition equipment

  • Stand partitions
  • Pedestals of various sizes
  • Museum spotlights:
    400 ERCO Pollux spotlights with attachments
    30 ERCO Eclipse spotlights
    60 display lights